samedi 24 mai 2014


Thanks to digital technologies we learn how to use hyperlinks when we navigate on the web and we get access to worldwide information in real time. The Digital Age allows us to get closer to all societies, feel responsibility and share compassion with all members of humanity who are in vulnerability because of natural catastrophes or break down of peace.
We may celebrate the new capacity of digital technologies for offering us “rich media” and "augmented reality" thanks to these multiple hyperlinks giving us complementary information about any historical, social, scientific, cultural data or touristic site. But, even more important, we benefit of what  we should call "augmented consciousness" thanks to these same multiple hyperlinks of the web and social media of our new age. This "augmented consciousness” is awaking a deeper sense of human creativity and ethical social responsibility which we develop collectively. It allows us to discover and appreciate the richness of cultural diversity. It allows us to believe again in human progress. It may sound paradoxical that a binary digital code and electronic technology may create nowadays more consciousness and a planetary ethic, but it is a matter of fact, even if the progress is slow and if United Nations agencies encounter so much difficulty to impose peace and human respect. In a time which sees the triumph of techno-scientific logics and the domination of economical one-way thinking, “augmented consciousness” and planetary ethics should still be considered as the key parameters of the future of humanity.

We may therefore propose the new concept of “hyperhumanism” to express our hope for more humanism thanks to more hyperlinks.

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